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Boxing fights are sports and martial arts that feature two participants with similar weights competing with each other using their fists in a series of one or three minute intervals called rounds. Both in the Olympics and in professional sports, both boxers avoid their opponent's punches while trying to land their own blows at their opponents.

Values are given for clean, steady blows to the front of the waist upwards that are legitimate from the opponent, with blows to the head and chest getting more value. Boxers with a higher score after a number of planned rounds will be declared winners. Victory can also be achieved if the opponent is knocked down and cannot rise to the tenth count of the referee (a knockout or knockout) or if the opponent is declared unable to continue the match (a Technical Knockout or TKO). For the purposes of the match record, TKO is counted as KO. Done by trained and professional people who have been approved as one of the sports systems, it is also recognized throughout the world.

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